Food Booths

A large number of food booths provides an opportunity to indulge in a diversity of foods from various vendors. Each booth offers exclusively vegetarian options in line with the Whole Earth Festival's values of food sustainability. 

Service Booths

At these booths, vendors provide a range of services to festival attendees. Popular services booths at the Whole Earth Festival in the past have been henna, face painting, massages, and more.

Crafts Booth

Vendors come from all over to share and sell their handmade crafts at the craft booths at the Whole Earth Festival. Vendors sell a variety of goods from plants and jewelry to engraved driftwood. With over 140 booths, you are sure to find a great souvenir from the Whole Earth Festival. 

Staff Crafts Booth

Each year, the Whole Earth Festival hires a unique set of staff, many of which have creative tendencies. Our Staff Crafts Booth celebrates those creative members and gives an opportunity for their crafts to be shared with and sold to the public. Check out our booth if you are interested in seeing what this year's team has to offer and to support our festival staff.

Coffee Booth

Our Coffee Booth is sure to bring you a little caffeine to keep you going throughout the festival. There are also vegetarian baked goods available. The coffee booth menu is designed by our Coffee Booth Manager, who will happily serve you coffee throughout the festival. Every purchase supports the Whole Earth Festival! 


Our booths and speakers are hand-selected each year from a pool of applicants whose values and topics align directly with the festival and theme of the year. Their purpose is to educate our community on numerous subjects to help keep the festival an educational experience, in addition to its celebratory vibes. If you are interested in applying for an Education booth or speaker position in the future, applications typically are open from January to March each year!