Art Space

As a homage to how the festival first began, Art Space serves as an outdoor art gallery for community members to display their work and for festival goers to enjoy. With a variety of art mediums and installations, our gallery showcases beautiful and impressive art that revolves around our values and current theme. If you are interested in applying for Art Space in the future, applications typically are open from January to March each year! 

Experiential Space

The Experiential Space Coordinator personally designs this interactive experience, making each year's showcase completely unique. Ranging typically from interactive speakers, music, art, and more, this space is designed each year with the festival attendee in mind, inviting all festival goers to come and participate in what this space has to offer. 

Kids Space

The Kids Space is a great place for children to explore the Whole Earth Festival. The Kids Space Coordinators create a program with a diverse range of games and activities for all kids to enjoy. They will have the opportunity to get crafty using sustainable materials and show their true colors with face paint for all!