Frequently asked Questions

Is the 2024 Whole Earth Festival in a new location this year?

In 2024, we will hold the Whole Earth Festival at the Russell Field on the UC Davis campus (refer to campus map).

Is there an admission fee for the Whole Earth Festival?

No, WEF is a free event!

How do I apply to perform at the Whole Earth Festival?

We will open applications for performances between December and March. You can check for updates here.

Can I bring alcohol to the event?

No, the Whole Earth Festival is a drug-and-alcohol-free event. Thank you for keeping the event family-friendly.

Are dogs allowed at the festival?

Yes, dogs are allowed at the festival. However, they must be on a leash and attended to at all times. 

Can my children come to Whole Earth Festival?

Yes! This festival is a family-friendly event and we have a Kid's Space specifically for them. Please pick up a wristband from either the Kids Space or the Festival Dome for your kids to write your phone number and name on in case of emergency. The Kids Space is not a supervised daycare and you MUST ATTEND TO YOUR CHILDREN at all times.

Are there ATMs at the festival?

Yes, you will find ATMs on the side of the MU bookstore by the northeast corner of the quad.

When do Crafts applications open? When are they due?

If you want to have a Crafts booth at the Whole Earth Festival, applications are open in early January and are typically due in March.

Will the Whole Earth Festival be selling imported goods?

No. When you buy something from a vendor at our festival, you are purchasing it directly from the person or family who made it. No imports; no reselling.

Where is the schedule of events?

The schedule of events will be posted on our website and social media a few weeks before the festival on our Program page and will be available at the Festival Dome during all three days of the Whole Earth Festival.