The Whole Earth Festival is dedicated to creating a welcoming environment for all of its attendees, staff, and volunteers. We welcome all individuals, regardless of gender, orientation, race, ethnicity, ability, and religious views to join us in celebration with music and art and to learn about sustainability. 


At the Whole Earth Festival, we value the importance of expression. Whether it be through art, music, or another outlet, we want all individuals to feel open to share who they are and what they value.  


The Whole Earth Festival values sustainability. We believe in being kind to our earth and those who inhabit it. Our festival is zero-waste, meaning that we utilize reusable dishes and sort any waste into compost and recycling. We also cherish sustainability in all other aspects of life, such as food sustainability. 


The Whole Earth Festival is about community. It is a space where anyone who joins us is cared for, welcomed, and loved. We work to create a safe and supportive environment for all of our staff, volunteers, and attendees. The community of the Whole Earth Festival is like a family: We embrace tradition and also improve our practices so they can better align with our long-standing values. 


We are committed to creating a space free of cultural appropriation. We seek to host a community of individuals that are welcoming and responsive to the needs of others. We acknowledge that the Whole Earth Festival has had a history of cultural appropriation and we are actively working to create a more inclusive environment through education of ourselves and others. We welcome constructive criticism to help build a safe space for all individuals, regardless of gender, orientation, race, ethnicity, ability, and religious views. Please help us by providing feedback to improve our festival. 

We have worked to create an inclusive space by taking the following steps:

Changing the title of our volunteers from "Karma Patrol" to "Chaos Control" and "Night Ninjas" to "Night Keepers"

Changing the title of our "Karma Dome" to "Festival Dome"

Working with ASUCD Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commissioner to identify and eliminate issues of cultural appropriation.

Training our staff through P.E.A.C.E workshops about cultural appropriation versus cultural appreciation.