Our Team

Staff Positions 



Our Directors work almost all year to make sure the festival happens each year. Working closely with campus centers, officials, and authorities helps ensure that our festival is brought to campus in an inclusive manner and without any violations or conflict each year. They also help create an inviting environment for each year's staff to encourage them to put on a fantastic festival! 

Logistics Coordinator

Ever wonder how the UC Davis Quad transforms from a patch of grass to the Whole Earth Festival? Logistics works to acquire materials for the festival to make it come alive. As they lead to set up and clean up, they make sure the show goes on from start to finish! Check out our stages and open up your ears for some funky tunes at the Whole Earth Festival!

Entertainment Coordinator

Entertainment works to provide bands and other performers to fill the quad with folksy and fun music. With over 30 bands over the course of three days, there's a fan favorite for everyone. Past performers include Tempest, Big Sticky Mess, and Jordana!

Donations Coordinator

The Donations Coordinator works to provide funding and goods to help the Whole Earth Festival run smoothly. Historically, food for our volunteers and our coffee booth have been donated, as well as a water truck from the Davis Food Co-op. Restaurant fundraisers are a popular way in which the Donations Coordinator provides funding to help bolster the Whole Earth Festival's budget.

Program Coordinator

The Program Coordinator works to create a booklet with details about all our events for your convenience at the festival! While the format for the program changes from year to year, the mission for the program remains the same: to provide condensed information to festival goers about what's going on at the Whole Earth Festival. 

Quad Stage Coordinator

The Quad Stage Coordinator organizes the staging logistics that provide for all our stage crew and performer needs. They help ensure the largest stage of the Whole Earth Festival runs smoothly and safely during the event!

Cedar Stage Coordinator

Our Cedar Stage Coordinator organizes the staging logistics that provide for all our stage crew and performer needs on our more intimate stage of the festival. Ranging from equipment to security needs, they help ensure this stage runs smoothly and safely during the event!

Dance Stage Coordinator

The Dance Stage Coordinator selects a diverse line-up of dancers to perform on their stage each year from applications sent in by the community. They help meet the needs of each dance performer or troupe to provide an exceptional experience for both them and the audience!

Publicity Coordinator

The Publicity Coordinator acts as the liaison between the staff and the public to communicate regarding the festival. From flyers and posters to Facebook and Instagram posts, our Publicity Coordinator works to spread the word about the festival to the UC Davis community and beyond.

The Education Coordinator

The Education Coordinator hand-selects a diverse body of speakers and booths from a pool of applicants, typically focused on the festival's theme for the year. They ensure each applicant has a space to present their educational topics on that is ideal for their needs and desires as a presenter or booth-owner. 

Art Space Coordinator

The Art Space Coordinator hand-picks pieces for our outdoor art gallery during the festival from a pool of applicants of the community. The gallery is fine-tuned to vision of each year's coordinator and their interests--a satisfying and beautiful result to all the hard work and coordination they put in to planning it.

Experiential Space Coordinator

The Experiential Space Coordinator is responsible for designing an exciting experience for festival attendees by recruiting experience-based artists, performers, speakers, and more. This space is uniquely designed to each year's coordinator, allowing for them to share, plan, and pursue their passions in an intimate setting during the festival!

Kids Space Coordinator

The Kids Space Coordinator plans and creates a safe and inviting space for children and their families to enjoy during the festival. By typically collecting craft supplies, planning activities, and organizing for speakers and performers in the space, they help design a very exciting area for each day of the festival! 

Food Booths Coordinator

Our Food Booths Coordinator selects a variety of types of foods and vendors that share in our festival values of sustainability by providing a completely vegetarian menu for attendees. They also help communicate university policies and guidelines to each vendor to ensure their presence is a safe and delightful experience for both themselves and the general public!

Service Booths Coordinator

Our Service Booths Coordinator hand-picks a small selection of vendors to bring to the festival each year and provide a range of services for attendees. They ensure each vendor understands university and festival policies and makes sure each vendors needs are met assuringly!

Crafts Booths Coordinator

The Crafts Booths Coordinator chooses a variety of handmade craft vendors to bring to the festival each year. For each vendor, they help ensure university and festival guidelines are communicated clearly and any specific needs are met to the best of our abilities!

Staff Crafts Booth Coordinator

The Staff Crafts Booth Coordinator allows for the creative individuals of each year's staff and past-staff to sell their handmade crafts during the festival! They help organize the staff's goods and oversee transactions during the festival.

Coffee Booth Coordinator

Our Coffee Booth Coordinator designs a booth for festival goers to purchase coffee and baked goods during the event, which directly support the Whole Earth Festival each year! The menu is uniquely designed each year and planned for, in accordance with festival values and university regulations.

Chaos Control

As anyone who's worked on staff can attest to, the festival can get a little chaotic! The beautiful aspect of chaos is that it can bring people together in the most meaningful of ways. Our Chaos Controllers work hard to recruit many volunteers each year in an effort to control the beautiful chaos that is the Whole Earth Festival and keep it fun, functional, and safe for everyone!

The Whole Earth Reusables Cooperative (WERC)

The Whole Earth Reusables Cooperative (WERC) provides and washes reusable dishes for the entire three-day event. Opting for a reusable option has drastically lowered our amount of waste that gets sorted through Compost & Recycling, just demonstrating how a little "reduce, reuse, and recycle" can go a long way! If you are interested in being a part of this educational experience, make sure you volunteer with them during this year's festival! 

Earthworms Coordinators (Compost & Recycling)

The Compost & Recycling Team sorts the entire span of waste that our festival creates throughout the three-day weekend. If you are interested in being a part of this educational experience, make sure you volunteer with them during this year's festival! The knowledge you take away from being a part of this experience can be easily applied to how you consider your waste, which impacts your life at home, your workplace, or anywhere you go.

Chaos Control Food Coordinators

Our Chaos Control Food Coordinators feed all the wonderful volunteers, staff, vendors, and performers who participate in the festival each year as a token of our appreciation for their hard work and attendance. They work hard to produce a vegetarian menu and cook throughout the festival to keep bellies full and happy!

Flow Control Team (Parking)

The festival brings hundreds of vendors to the Quad each year, but someone has to organize that process before it gets chaotic! Our Flow Control team works closely with TAPS to help alleviate campus traffic and parking violations in an effort to get our vendors and staff in and out of the Quad and designated parking lot quickly and efficiently. If you are interested in helping control the flow of cars we bring to our campus, make sure you volunteer with them during this year's festival! 

Space Keepers 

Our Space Keepers keep our festival safe during the day while everyone enjoys the numerous attractions we have to offer. If you are interested in helping keep the Whole Earth Festival fun, safe, and secure each day this year, make sure you volunteer with them during this year's festival!

Night Keepers 

Our Night Keepers keep our festival safe when everyone goes home for the night. If you are interested in helping keep the Whole Earth Festival fun, safe, and secure each night this year, make sure you volunteer with them during this year's festival!