Following the United Nations' declaration of "Earth Day" in 1970, the third "Art Happening" in 1971 was renamed "Whole Earth Festival." Later, Whole Earth Festival was sponsored by the ASUCD Experimental College and has since become a self-sustaining unit. The Whole Earth Festival has evolved over four decades into a three-day arts and musical festival hosted every Mother's Day weekend on the UC Davis campus.

Fun Facts

The Whole Earth Festival has been historically vegetarian in an effort to embrace food sustainability. The Whole Earth Reusables Cooperative (WERC) Dish Program and our Compost and Recycling Team work together to reduce waste throughout the three-day festival. All our vendors are required to use reusable dishes to the best of their ability, and all waste brought to the festival must be of recyclable or compostable material. Our goal for zero-waste is to reduce our carbon footprint by contributing as little waste as possible to landfills. The Whole Earth Bench is a bench constructed during a building materials workshop at the Whole Earth Festival in 2004. The bench is made of cob, which is a construction material made of clay, sand, and straw, and it still exists today! It is located near Wellman Hall. 

Can You Dig It? tin can growing a plant

2024 Theme: 
Can You Dig It?

Designed by 
Emmeline Thomsen


Sell Out To Love. Two swans facing each other making a heart

2023 Theme: 
'Sell Out to Love'

Designed by 
Jessica Wong

Together We Grow! Two frogs dancing under a mushroom

2022 Theme:
 Together We Grow!

Designed by 
Mario Rodriguez

Spirits Sprung - Colorful flowers and Faires

2021 Theme: 
‘Spirits Sprung’!

Designed by

funk up the SYSTEM - Microwave melting down

2020 Theme: 
funk up the System

Designed by

Spectrum - Triangle with many facets providing different views

2019 Theme: 

Designed by 
Bessie Nicolaides

Bloom. Pic of a heart growing flowers

2018 Theme: 

Designed by

Life Cycles - from egg to salamander growth

2017 Theme: 
Life Cycles

Designed by